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Micayla De Ette, Star Of The Upcoming Film Hold On, Releases Her New Single And Music Video "Write A Song", Featuring Flavor Flav
November 8, 2019


LOS ANGELES, CA (November 8, 2019) - Singer/songwriter Micayla De Ette releases her single "Write a Song" featuring rapper Flavor Flav.

Using her powerful 5-octave range, De Ette addresses strong social matters and masterfully delivers an emotionally-gripping song that wishes to "change the world."

The single is part of the motion picture soundtrack Hold On in which De Ette plays the lead role alongside Luis Guzman, Tarek Tohme and her musical counterpart, Flavor Flav. The film is based on De Ette's life experiences where she plays a struggling artist fighting to keep her dream alive, all while helping her brother recover from a life-long addiction.

"I couldn't be more grateful and excited to see this first single off the Hold On soundtrack being released to the world. This song is a culmination of many years of grief and sorrow--both in my personal life and the surrounding world--and it is my hope that this music and music video we've created will inspire at least one person out there to make a positive difference. My thanks goes out to Flavor Flav and the entire Hold On team for rallying behind this message and story," said Micayla De Ette.

"Write a Song" is available today on all streaming services, and the music video can be found on YouTube.

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