Emotional Debris Release New Singles 'Hey Roman' & 'California Song'
[Jul 26, 2019]

Url: http://www.emotionaldebris.com
Sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx6AITRh0e4

Emotional Debris is the brainchild of US writer and musician Philip Lamey who describes the project as "Music and Words In A Certain Order - the two constants in my life"" The constant to take away from the latest 2 single offering is Lamey's musical knowledge and song-writing ability in order to create 2 gripping pieces of art loosely inspired by the gruesome and horrific Manson murders in California 1969. A theme that also inspired another hugely talented creative by the name of Quentin Tarantino who releases his forthcoming blockbuster epic 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' in cinemas globally on the 15th August.

Recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in England, the latest singles 'Hey Roman' and 'California Song' are available on all major online retailers from 26th July.

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