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TMA Signs SHERI RILEY to Management
March 5, 2019

Email: gary@themanagementagency.com
Url: http://sherilynnriley.com
Sound: http://themanagementagency.com/clients/audio/riley-sampler.mp3

The Management Agency (TMA), Jacksonville, FL, has signed author, songwriter and recording artist SHERI RILEY to a development/management deal.

Sheri is a freelance writer, singer, lyricist, composer, performer, and speaker with international experience sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. Although her life snapshots - including chronic pain, the death of an infant and miscarriages, adoption, divorce, depression, and fatherís death in a plane crash - might cause others to lose faith, Sheri continues to pray in praise and with faith, two keys to unlocking a more abundant life in Christ.

Sheri believes that liberal doses of humor - developed through her work as a motivational speaker for a business college, adjunct college writing professor, and inner-city public school secondary English and drama educator - encourages others to engage in the kind of personal reflection that allows God to turn their life snapshots into one-of-a-kind Kingdom masterpieces!

Her book "Prayer Flash" uses song lyrics from her latest CD "Trust Him" to develop the themes of Godís character and unfailing love to teach you how to draw towards His liberating and peace-filled truths.

Website: http://sherilynnriley.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sherilynnriley/

The Management Agency | Gary Stripling
Office - 904.745.9151
Online - www.themanagementagency.com


The Management Agency is one of the country's premiere independent artist development and management agencies. Our international roster includes artists and bands in India, Australia, Italy, Ireland, The Netherlands, and all across the USA.

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