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Plastic Pinks Rock III Points
October 10, 2017

Url: http://plasticpinks.bandcamp.com/

Sound: http://open.spotify.com/album/7y3or7z2bnBJN1V0ZI7Jpa

https://open.spotify.com/album/7y3or7z2bnBJN1V0ZI7Jpa (SPOTIFY)

https://soundcloud.com/plasticpinks/alls-alright (SOUNDCLOUD)

http://iiipoints.com/ (BUY TICKETS)

The Plastic Pinks will be rocking the S3CTOR 3 Stage at III Points on October 14th. III Points will be taking place October 13-15 at Mana Wynwood Miami. III Points is a Miami-based music, arts, and technology festival that takes place in the city's neighborhood of Wynwood.

The raucous band will be adding local flair to a festival showcasing the best of Miami with powerhouse top billed acts like The Gorillaz and The XX. to sex and sensual desire produced by, "All's Alright" is the 1st single off The Plastic Pinks' forthcoming EP All's Alright.

The Plastic Pinks have released a psych infused garage rock new single titled "All's Alright" through Burger Records that, quite literally, has us feeling likes "All Alright"." If you're not ready to start a mosh pit after this one, something is definitely wrong. Listen HERE.

"All's Alright" follows previous track "At World's End," which dropped earlier this year explores living life to the fullest and seeking the riches of the human existence. Listen HERE.

Earlier this year, the band release "El Animal", a six-song EP under the Ghost Drag Records banner. Plastic Pinks have taken their time to work on this upcoming release with Burger Records. With the help of Gordon Raphael (producer of "The Modern Age", "Is this it" and "Room On Fire" by The Strokes) to do the EP's mixing, their new EP marks an evolution in their sound.

Born in Puerto Rico, frontman June Summers and his brother Augie Pink promise to show the best of Miami's ethos

My Frenzy State (Official Video) (YouTube)
"At World's End" (SoundCloud)
"My Frenzy State" (SoundCloud)
" Fiel A Mi " (YouTube)

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