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MusicDish Review: Natalie Jean Music Video "Red Room"
March 15, 2017

Email: editor@musicdish.com
Url: http://www.natalie-jean.com
Sound: http://youtu.be/aBdmPq1nZoQ

Natalie Jean is a talented songwriter and performer who has released four music albums and won numeral musical awards, most recently the "Word Artist of the Year" and "Best Musical Collaboration" categories in the 2016 Josie Music Awards. A passionate and powerful singer, Natalie has a distinct vocal delivery that makes her songs raw and heartfelt. The song "Red Room" is a new remix by Natalie released in January 2017. Another piece in which she uses her energy to power her music to levels that are sensational and memorable, "Red room" draws your attention right away when you lay your eyes on the music video. The blurry background along with Natalie's ethereal voice invites you to her dance party immediately. "Red Room" perfectly depicts a story that explains how Natalie is tired of someone that disappears and reenters her life whenever they want. This song smoothly combined the lyrics and Natalie's emotions, which are expressed through her style of freedom. If you want to be amazed by a release by Natalie that includes both improved compositional and production techniques, "Red room" is a must.

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