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Feb 21, 2017
Chonkillah Drops His Hot New Single Medicine
Medicine Is The Electrifying New Single From West London Sensation Chonkillah
Feb 21, 2017
Gig Performer 1.5 Makes Performing Live With Software Instruments Easier And More Musical Than Ever
Enables Keyboardists, Guitarists, Vocalists, And Entire Bands To Assemble Their Favorite Plug-ins Into Worry-free Onstage Rigs
Feb 21, 2017
Earl & The Steadies Sign With MusicDish For Representation In China
The Band Will Tour Mainland China In May In Support Of The Release Of Their 2016 Album "Love Revolution"
Feb 20, 2017
Tom Greer And Sarah Wade's New Jazz Duet "Say It" Releases Globally!
Tom Greer And Sarah Wade Have Enjoyed Successful Solo Careers, Performing In Several Regional Bands In And Around Oklahoma. "Say It" Is A Musical Blending Of Progressive And Classic Jazz Styles.
Feb 18, 2017
KIKI LOVE IS Becoming A Legend In The Music Business.. She Has A Giant R&B Career Ahead Of Her
Best RnB Soul Album "Illusion" Akademia Award
Feb 17, 2017
David Vaters New Solo Release
Singer, Songwriter David Vaters Is A Maverick In The Christian, Americana, Pop Rock, Country Music World. He Defies Any Kind Of Easy Pigeonhole With His Distinctive Haunting Vocals.
Feb 16, 2017
10 A-List Producers Re-Imagine 'Funkytown' Hit In Genres Ranging From A Cappella To Metal And More In 'The Funkytown 15'
37 Years Of Frequent Worldwide Placements In Film, TV, Advertising & Other Channels Since Original Release In 1980 At The End Of The Disco Era.
Feb 16, 2017
Raquel Aurilia Announces Phoenix Tour Dates With Kenny Loggins And Michael McDonald
Scottsdale Recording Artist Raquel Aurilia Announced Her Upcoming Phoenix Tour Dates Today Including Opening For Kenny Loggins And Michael McDonald At The Good Life Festival On April 8th
Feb 14, 2017
David Andrew Wiebe Launches Pre-Orders For His Upcoming Book
David Andrew Wiebe, Author Of The New Music Industry Is Working On A New Book Called Flashes Of Elation, Which You Can Pre-order Now.
Feb 14, 2017
Danish Singer Songwriter & Veteran Stars Win Acoustic Music Awards
Danish Singer/Songwriter Tim Schou Wins Top Honors At Acoustic Music Awards.

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